What to do with a Dead Tree in Your Yard

It is never fun to watch your beloved tree deteriorate over time. However, sometimes, it is inevitable due to several reasons. But, before you decide to eliminate your tree, it is best to determine whether it is dead or dying because you might be able to revive it with proper treatment.  

When to Remove a Tree in Your Yard

If you suspect your tree is in dire need of removal, you need to consult with the professional as soon as possible. You should first confirm if the tree really requires removal or if trimming and other treatments can do the trick. A certified arborist can help you decide on the next reasonable step to ensure your safety from a dead or dying tree. 

Should Dead Trees be Eliminated

If the tree is completely dead and has no chance of recovering, then it should be removed immediately. You should consult with a certified arborist to plan the tree removal. Large trees can cause costly damage as well as grave injury if they fall onto your property. Further, if a dead tree unexpectedly falls on your home, you will be liable for the damage and other repair costs. Most homeowners’ insurance will not cover if they find out that there was neglect on your end and that you failed to have the tree removed before the storm struck it.   Contact Mike Grace with Grace Tree Service Spokane for more information about dead tree removal.  

In a nutshell, a dead tree should be removed right away. If not, it can pose a threat to your property’s safety and endanger your life as well. 

If you are unsure of the current condition of your tree, but you suspect that it’s not as healthy as before, it is best to have a certified arborist assess it and give you a professional recommendation. In some instances, a tree may look dead on the outside, but may not be in reality. You can go to a professional arborist to provide you with accurate information about the health of your beloved tree. 

Can Dead Trees be Decorated?

Just like what we’ve mentioned above, it is crucial to have a tree removed after finding out it is 100% dead. If the tree is located anywhere near your house or any fixed structure such as a building, a street, or power lines, you shouldn’t wait too long before you have it removed. There are more than enough reasons to remove a dead tree that will put you and your family at risk.

If the tree is located somewhere isolated, you may try to decorate it. For safety reasons, it is recommended to keep some of the dead branches and eliminate the tree itself. 

When will a Dead Tree Fall?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact answer because only time can tell when a tree will topple over. It could take weeks, and for some, it could be years. In other words, you can never tell when a tree would exactly fall. Dead trees can be unpredictable and fall at the most unexpected time. Keep in mind that even the healthiest trees can fall in the face of a storm and what more a dying or dead tree with compromised structural integrity.

The Why and How Of Tree Removal

The necessity of tree removal cannot be avoided. There are a variety of reasons why a tree should be eliminated. It can dead, diseased, or causing a hazard in your property. No matter the reason, it is crucial to do it properly and safely to avoid problems. It should be performed by skilled professionals to ensure the safety and efficiency of the job. Trying to do it yourself will only put you at risk of getting injured and having damaged properties. 

Why You Need Tree Removal Services on Your Property

Tree removal is needed for several valid reasons. A tree that is dying or is already dead is a disaster waiting to happen, especially during a storm. Perhaps your tree has grown too high, or its limbs gave overgrown and hung over your roof. This should be addressed right away before these limbs fall over your roof and injure someone you love. Sometimes, it could be because your tree has become a nuisance and is blocking your view or the sun. 

Dead Trees

A dead tree is a dangerous tree. In no time, this tree will break and fall over your yard causing tremendous damage to your property. It is best to have it removed before it can cause problems. Look for signs such as peeling off of bark and sudden shedding of leaves. 

Diseased Trees

A diseased tree is as good as dead, especially if you don’t treat it right away. Don’t wait for it to die before you do something about it. Note that it is easier to remove a tree when it’s not entirely dead. You will notice some bare branches and falling limbs in a diseased tree. 

Structural Instability

Once a tree has lost its structural integrity, it has become hazardous to keep in your yard. Its limbs and branches can fall on your roof anytime or worst the whole tree can topple off your driveway. 


If you want to do some landscaping in your yard, the first thing to do is to get rid of some trees that are located in awkward places. You can move them to another location in your property or have it removed entirely. Tree removal is an excellent way to kickstart your landscaping project. 

What Does Tree Removal Involve?

If you plan to remove one of your trees, it is essential to know what’s involved in the process. First off, it should be performed by a certified arborist who is knowledgeable in the right approach for tree removal. The equipment used is also integral to the process. Tree experts may need to use heavy equipment to finish the task successfully. No one should start with tree removal without assessing the current situation of the tree as well as the surrounding area to come up with a sound plan. 

Why Tree Removal Is Important

Deciding to remove a tree can be difficult for the owner, especially if the tree has been with them for many years. But tree removal comes with advantages such as for your safety and an improved landscape. The last thing you want to happen is your tree toppling over your house or your loved one, which is why tree removal is essential. Besides, a dying or dead tree can take away from the value of your property, so it is better to eliminate them and plant a new one. Remember that diseases can spread quickly among trees; that is why it’s essential to remove one that’s infected before it affects the others. 

The Importance of Professional Tree Removal

It is essential to use professional tree service when you need to remove a tree. Tree removal can be dangerous, and it entails the use of heavy equipment that you may not know how to operate. Trying to do it yourself will not only put yourself at risk of getting injured but your property as well. Professional tree service can carry out the task safely and effectively, so it is best to leave it to them. They will check the structural stability of the tree and other hazardous situations that need to be addressed before starting the task. More importantly, they have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time.  Contact Jim Nabors at Nabor’s Tree Service Chattanooga, 423-454-3670 for more information about tree removal service.